install-us FAQ

When I run the compilation, all is ok and I don't have special message, but when I run my setup.exe, the installation tell the files can't be found.

You have selected "Special-Copy-CD" as medium for installation.

If you choose Special-Copy-CD as medium for installation, install-us does not compress the files and include them in the installation files. During installation install-us searches the files on the CD-Rom. Therefore the files have to be copied to CD by your own. This only makes sense, when the user gets an advantage of the uncompressed files. (e.g. running your application from CD without installation). See documentation for details about how to specify the directories in section "1-General Settings" -> "Settings".

If the user does not have any advantage of uncompressed files on CD-Rom, you should choose "CD-ROM, Disks" as medium for installation. The created installation files contain all the data files in compressed form and can be installed from a CD-Rom either.

Last update: 01.01.2007
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