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To start the CD-Manager Compiler select menu Tools -> CD-Manager.

In the first screen of CD-Manager you have to specify the names of all applications, which you want to be startable from the final CD-Manager. Confirm every single name by clicking ">". The names will appear in the right listbox.To remove a single item again, click at "<".

Go to the next screen by clicking "Next".

Select the first entry in the listbox on the left. Then you have to specify, where the final CD-Manager can find the executable. Example: If the exe-file is located in D:\install\setup.exe on your CD-drive you have to put in "install\setup.exe". The final
CD-Manager will automatically add the appropriate drive letter.

Do the same for the other applications in your listbox.

Go to the next screen by clicking "Next".

In this screen you have to put some general informations in the fields, which will be displayed to the user. Select the first entry again and specify the information texts. The first text (Info) has to be a short description, while the information text may be longer.

Optionally you can specify a bitmap file, which will be displayed "under" the text. You have to specify the path and the filename in the same way as the filename of the exe-files. Example: "install\setup.bmp"

Go to the next screen by clicking "Next".

Now you have to specify, where the final CD-Manager (the file manage.exe) will be located on the CD. This is necessary, because the CD-Manager has to convert your directory names into relative ones: Example: If you want to place manage.exe in D:\manage.exe you have to specify the path like this: "" (empty). If you want to put it in D:\install\manage.exe you have to set it to "install".

In the same screen you can select, whether to create a autorun.inf, which starts the CD-Manager automatically after inserting the CD-Rom. You have to put this file in the main directory of the CD.

Additionally you can offer a 16-bit version (manage16.exe).

In the next screen, you have to set the directory, where CD-Manager Compiler will create the files. You finally have to copy the created files to the directories on the CD, which you have specified before.

In the next screen you can modify the user information.

Finally you have to click at "Finish", which will create the files. It is recommended to save your settings via "Save", that you can modify your settings later.

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