Borland / Inprise BDE installation
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How to install the Borland Database Engine (32-Bit BDE)?

1. You need to find the file bdeinst.dll, which comes with your BDE installation (Delphi, C++ Builder,...). Extract bdeinst.dll from the, which is located in "\Program Files\Common Files\Borland Shared\BDE" by default. You can use WinZip or another decompression utility.

2. Copy bdeinst.dll to another directory.

3. Add bdeinst.dll to your install-us installation project by adding it to the file list in section "2 Filesource". Make sure to mark this file with "Active-X File (OCX)".

Using this method you get around the "certified installer" problem. The installation of the BDE is done by bdeinst.dll not by install-us itself!

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