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How to create more folders?

First of all let me say, that you generally can create only one directory, which is modifiable by the user. This is the destination directory %SetupDir% (or called %Install% in earlier versions). This directory can have a nearly unlimited number of subdirectories. These sudirectories can be selected in section "2 - Filesource" with the button "subdirectory" or "special".

But there are two other ways to create additional folders:

The first way is to ask the user for two additional directories:
This can be done by a trick: Use the URS feature of install-us to ask the user for the name of this directories: Go to section "4. user interface" and select "URS". Then in the dialog User-Registration-System check "Username required" and click Ok. Then go to "2. Filesource" and rename the directories you need to %UserName% and %UserReg%. The last step is to change the displayed text during installation:
Go to "4. user interface" and click "Change" in "Language and modification".
Here you search the text "Registration Key:", "User name:" and "Please type in your registration information below:" and adapt them to the new function of the dialog.

The second way is without user interaction. That means, the user can only choose one or no directory and the additional directories are read from the registry: When you start install-us, the default directory is "%Reg-09%\Name". %Reg-09% is read out of the registry. You can find the definition of %Reg-09% in section "1. General Settings" > "Variables". Use the same definition for your task and adapt it to fit your needs.

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