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install-us 2012 Standard
Delivery via download
  $US 39.-
incl. VAT
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install-us 2012 Professional
Delivery via download
$US 129.-
incl. VAT
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install-us 2012 Standard UPD
Requires a valid key for 2007/2010
$US 29.-
incl. VAT
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install-us 2012 Professional UPD
Requires a valid key for 2007/2010
$US 89.-
incl. VAT
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What version do I need?
Comparison between install-us Standard and install-us Professional

Standard-Version is sufficient for building simple installations. Standard
version does only offer one option for grouping files and directories.
If you need different installation types like "Typical", "Minimum" or
"Custom" you need install-us Professional:

Installation type

install-us 2012

install-us 2012
Standard: yes yes
Minimum: no yes
Custom: no yes
Options: 1 1..9

Information about Trial version:
Without registration built installations expire after 30 days. To distribute
your applications to your customers permanently and without any royalty
fees you must license install-us Standard or install-us Professional.

Toll-free order number (US only)

Customers in the US may also place their order by
calling the toll-free order number 1-800-903-4152
or via Fax: 724-850-8187 at ShareIt. Please make
sure to have your program ID #100999 (Professional),
ID #101068 (Standard) ready.

If you want to get information about the status of your
order in any way contact:
Tel +1 724-850-8186
Fax +1 724-850-8187.

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